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Once you have signed up for our credit restoration services, you will be emailed your personalized welcome packet. The packet contains a variety of items that will help with the initiation process. We will also provide a method of obtaining your credit report if you currently don't have access. To ensure that your credit repair process will be performed proficiently, you will be assigned to a Board Certified Credit Repair Consultant. Each of our Board Certified Credit Consultants will remain working on your case until your contact term elapses. 

Once we have accumulated all your information pertaining to your credit history, we ask that you forward that information by email to Entsuah Financial Group. The more information we have pertaining to your credit file, the more efficient job we can do. Any statements, credit bureau responses, or reports you receive that contains valuable information that our credit consultants can utilize during the restoration process. Your credit consultant will use the information you forward to begin the dispute process with the credit bureaus. You will always be notified via e-mail when any action is taken on your file. Every e-mail will describe what has been done and what the next step in the process will be.


 Once we have filed a credit dispute, the response from the credit bureaus or creditor will be mailed directly to the address you provide us. The law states that agencies have a reasonable amount of time, usually within 21-45 days, to respond to a dispute. You will be able to evaluate the progress on your account from the information contained in the responses. 

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